ENPARD Armenia Budget Support Review Mission

The EU funded European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Armenia (ENPARD Armenia) started in late December 2014 and aims to support the implementation of SADS. EU assistance under ENPARD Armenia is designed to support restructuring the agricultural sector and the rural economy of Armenia.

The Technical and Administrative Provision of the ENPARD programme foresees that external review missions will verify compliance with relevant Policy Reform Matrix conditions prior to the release of the 2nd and 3rd installments. These external review missions shall be carried out by independent teams of experts.

The purpose of this program is to support the Government of Armenia in ensuring efficient and sustainable agriculture, contributing to better conditions in rural areas of Armenia.

The purpose of this contract was to provide a detailed review of the implementation of the Budget Support component of ENPARD Armenia and to provide consistent sets of conclusions and recommendations to be used by the Commission to make decisions on installments disbursement for the second tranche of budget support.