AESA group

The Agriconsulting Group of companies has been constantly expanding its operations  geographically  and extending its activities to  a wide range of  areas of specialisation and is today an integrated network of sister companies sharing a common vision and technical and logistical support. Initially, the Agriconsulting Group services mainly consisted in offering its support in developing innovative and strategic solutions to farm management and agribusiness investments. Over the years, the Agriconsulting Group members have developed a strong international project management and significant technical expertise in the field of international cooperation.

Located both in Italy and abroad the Agriconsulting Group is specialised in a vast range of competencies in the fields of:

  • Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development;
  • Sustainable Social Development;
  • Sustainable Economic Development;
  • Sustainable Environment/ Natural resources conservation.

This expertise has made Agriconsulting Group a global leading consulting group of companies well known worldwide.

The Agriconsulting Group of companies employs a total of 350 staff of which two thirds are qualified and experienced staff supported by more than 300 sector experts and specialists appointed for long and short-term missions woldwide. Agriconsulting Group staff possesses excellent communication and language skills and most of them hold a masters degree in the Group fields of operation.

AGRICONSULTING GROUP has registered companies in: Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Kenya, Abu Dhabi UAE, Morocco, Venezuela, Costa Rica.