Ex-post evaluation of the Agriculture and Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 of Kosovo

Kosovo's first Agriculture and Rural Development Plan for the period 2007-2013 (ARDP 2007-2013) was approved by Government on 4 April 2007. A significant update took place in 2010 by the Twinning project KS08/IB/AG/01 (ARDP 2010-2013). In particular, the SWOT analysis has been completely revised, direct payment measures were introduced and statistical data updated. The following measures are defined in the ARDP 2007-2013:

  • DIRECT SUPPORT MEASURES: livestock and crop sectors.
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Competitiveness, environment, and improved land-use, rural diversification and quality of rural life, community-based local development strategies.

The main objective was to provide an assessment of ARDP 2007-2013 socio-economic impact upon the development of the Kosovo and to provide an appreciation of its efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability of its results.

 The outputs were the following: 

  • Inception report
  • Draft Ex-post evaluation report
  • Final Ex-post evaluation report