Review of forestry sector in North Macedonia and preparation of 2019 IPA project for forestry

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the implementation of EU related strategies and policies in the Forestry sector and to boost the development of the Forestry sector in North Macedonia.

The specific objective of this assignment is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the IPA funds by preparing adequately the 2019 IPA Forestry project and by providing assistance to MAFWE to progress in the reforms in the Forestry sector before the aforementioned project starts implementation.

AESA Hungary with its expert team sets the ground for the implementation of the IPA 2019 Action Document "Supporting the reforms in forestry". The team of experts assists in the following activities:

  • Preparation of the guidelines for the 2019 IPA Call for proposal "Supporting the reforms in forestry"
  • Provide with assistance in the sector before the 2019 "Supporting the reforms in forestry" project is launched (foreseen for the 2nd semester of 2020)