Support for the development of a communication strategy on the social register unique (RSU) in Morocco /Appui au développement d'une stratégie de communication sur le registre social unique (RSU) au Maroc/

Aim of the project is to:

  • Contribute to the implementation of the European Union's cooperation strategy with the Kingdom of Morocco, in particular with regard to the promotion of protection and social assistance mechanisms.
  • Accompany the Ministry of the Interior (RNP / RSU Project Management Unit) in the development of a communication strategy and a communication and social mobilization plan on the single social register (RSU).

Through three stages:

  • First step: Analysis and state of play on the implementation of RNP and RSU accompanied by a benchmark of international experiences on communication strategies around similar registers;
  • Second step: Development and elaboration of a communication strategy on the Unique Social Register.
  • Step 3: Development and development of a communication plan and a social mobilization plan around the RSU.

Our two experts, therefore, supporting the authorities to develop a communication plan to improve the social sector in Morocco.