Programme evaluation and analysis


Within framework contracts concluded with the European Commission HYDEA/AESA has been providing professional expertise and evaluation related to EU Funds since 1996.


The first programme evaluation performed concerning Hungary was the mid-term evaluation of the SAPARD Programme (2003), which was followed by two evaluations in the social sector between 2004 and 2006 (external evaluation of the PHARE programmes „Combating exclusion from the world of work” and "Information Technology in Primary Schools").


Since then both in terms of approach and subject we have widely performed evaluations and analyses of programmes in Hungary.


Concerning their approach there were ex-ante, on-going, mid-term and ex-post evaluations and analyses that were related to agriculture and rural development, environmental, infrastructural, social and economic development, state and public administration, international cooperation and implementing programmes.


The evaluations were based on the terms of references of the contracting authorities, as well as on the relevant European Commission and national guidelines, utilizing other types of expertise gained in providing services for the institutional system (e.g. in tender evaluation; control; monitoring; quality control; audit, etc).


Besides the evaluations many other programme analyses were performed, including the “Study on the measures necessary to be undertaken in order to meet the ex-ante conditions of the ITOP in relation with institutional capacity required for programme implementation” or the “Comprehensive analysis of the Social Renewal and Social Infrastructure Operational Programmes (SROP-SIOP) from the economic and financial point of view”.