Formulation Of Actions For The Annual Action Programme 2022 For Republic Of Zambia

The overall objective of this assignment is to build green alliances and partnerships, which support a climate-resilient transition towards sustainable growth and job creation.

The specific objective of this assignment is to support the formulation of actions for the Annual Action Programme (AAP) 2022 under Priority Area 1, Specific Objective 1.1: To promote and invest in the green recovery and sustainable growth along the agriculture-forestry-biodiversity-water and climate nexus of the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme 2021-2027.

The formulation will take into account EU Member States’ priorities and initiatives in view of developing joint EU-MS actions in line with Team Europe approach. The formulation will also need to ensure that EU funded actions promote the cross-cutting objectives of the EC: environment and climate change, rights-based approach, persons with disability, indigenous peoples and gender equality.

The actions to be proposed by the Consultant should be grouped in two complementary clusters addressing the achievement of the expected results under Specific Objective 1.1 of the MIP 2021-2027 and EU Joint Programming – as indicated below:

  • Cluster 1: Participation of subsistence and smallholder farmers, including women farmers and youth, in market-integrated value chains is increased and support the transition to greener and more sustainable diversified agro-food systems
  • Cluster 2 :
    • Result 1.2 – Integrated, participatory and sustainable rural development practices are increasingly applied, enhancing resilience of ecosystems along the agriculture-forestry-biodiversity-water and climate nexus and improving people’s livelihoods. 
    • Result 1.3 – Communities, living adjacent to and within conservation and game management areas, have increasing income opportunities and apply sustainable resource management practices, stabilising the biodiversity within existing protected area.