Modernisation of the Advisory services for Operators in the Agriculture Field in North Macedonia

North Macedonia has been aspiring towards EU integration since April 2001 when the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union was signed and entered into force in April 2004. The Republic of North Macedonia has been benefiting of pre-accession assistance through IPA since 2007. In the process of transition from a centrally planned to market economy the main focus of the government of North Macedonia, so far has been directed towards improvement and restructuring of the sectors with acute problems related directly to economic development and social wellbeing. The agricultural and rural development sectors benefited from the IPA support during that time. 

Agriculture is a very important sector in the economy of the country, but despite the significant national and EU sector support, agriculture’s contribution to growth in the period is negative. Therefore, the establishment of efficient agricultural extension system is one of the key strategic objectives of the country, and a new system will allow the integration of public and private extension services of sufficient quality to support the restructuring and modernisation of the agriculture holdings. EU know-how and financial support can help the implementation and management of the farm advisory system.

The global objective of this request of services is to support the establishment of a modern farm advisory services’ system in North Macedonia.

The specific objectives of this request for services is to provide assistance to Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) to progress in the reforms in the advisory services sector including strategic and legal frameworks. The priority issues to be addressed within this request for services are exclusively the following ones:

  • Priority 1. Improving the legal, institutional and strategic framework of the advisory services sector according to best practices in EU Member States
  • Priority 2. Improving the advisory Services provided to the agricultural holders