Indonesia: Natural Resource Management Specialist - Deadline: 29 October 2018


Final Evaluation of EU Support to Indonesia’s Climate Change Response - Technical Cooperation Component


50 calendar days, starting in January 2019






29 October 2018



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Key expert 1: Team Leader - Natural Resource Management Specialist

  • Qualifications and skills:  
    • Master's Degree in economic, environmental sciences, ecology or related discipline;
    • Full computer literacy;
  • General Professional Requirements:
    • 12 years of experience in Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Agroforestry Ecosystem Services and Spatial Plan;
    • Minimum three experiences in Strategic Evaluation of Natural Resource Management, Greening the Development Plan and Climate Change Mitigation Programmes;
  • Specific Professional Requirements:
    • Knowledge and understanding on Frameworks for Natural Resource Management and Environmental Governance and its operational structure;
    • Familiarity with sustainable and eco-friendly income generating activities and / or minimum one experience with projects on environment and climate change impacts;
    • Minimum two experiences in sustainable management of Land Use and land Use Changes in tropical forest with focus on mineral soil and peat soil;